View CuSAG's 5-year Strategic Plan here (PDF).  CuSAG's Urban Health and Human Ecology Project (UHHEP) is an applied research program utilizing the full range of ethnographic methods developed by Dr. Whitehead, and include EICCARS Community Data Profiles.

Other News: Support the CuSAG Student Support Fund!  A CuSAG Student Support Fund has been established to help provide financial support to students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, attend the Jamaica Field School. Learn more about the CuSAG Student Support Fund and how to contribute (PDF).

  • is an applied research and technical assistance unit in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP);
  • was initiated in 1989, with a mission of offering expertise in cultural and community analysis using knowledge and skills grounded in anthropology, community health, and ethnographic research methods;
  • has a philosophical orientation towards facilitating social change through the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based initiatives; and
  • provides anthropologically based knowledge and skills to people and groups involved in community-based initiatives at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels.

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