Under the direction of Tony Whitehead (above), CuSAG provides ethnographic and qualitative methods to complement more quantitative methods in applied research activities.

Focus on Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Methods

  • Various methods of ethnographic observation and participant observation
  • Various methods of ethnographic interviewing
  • Focus and other group interviews
  • Community mapping of space utilization and material culture
  • Analyses of texts (written, audio, visual, and lived)
  • Community, family, individual, and project case studies
  • Oral and life histories
  • Genealogical and network analyses

Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Services

CuSAG brings its facility with ethnographic and qualitative methodologies to multi-method research settings in which this expertise is used to complement more "quantitative" methodologies in such applied research activities as the following:

  • Baseline, community, cultural, and organizational assessments
  • Formative, process, outcome, and impact evaluation
  • The analysis of qualitative data sets

Program Planning and Implementation Activities

  • Resource (organizational/leadership) development training and support
  • Community organizing/development and coalition building
  • Social marketing
  • The development, implementation, and evaluation of cultural and community relevant/appropriate educational and intervention materials
  • Training and counseling in intercultural communication and adaptation

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